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  • A declaration of paternity can be submitted by adult persons exclusively, in the Polish Consulate or the Civil Registry. Persons who have completed 16 years can only submit such declaration in before a court guardianship.


    A male, who conceived the child declares that he is its father, and the child's mother confirms the male’s paternity at the time of declaration submission or within three months thereafter.


    The declaration may take place at the Polish consulate, if at least one of the child’s parents is a Polish citizen.


    1. Paternity can be recognized regarding a child that:
    • Was conceived;
    • Was born and is not an adult yet;
    • Died before the age of 18 - within 6 months from the date in which a male declaring paternity learnt about the child’s death but not later than the date on which the child would reach 18 years of age.                                                                               
    1. A child whose paternity has been established, bears the name of:
    • One of its parents or a combination of names of its parents – in the case of an agreement among the parents.
    • Containing mother’s last name and father’s last name attached – in the case of lack of an agreement among the parents.
    1. Conditions of inadmissibility of paternity are as follows:
    • child reaching adulthood
    • evidence of false paternity or rejection of necessary documents by the appropriate officer.
    • there are reasonable doubts about the child’s origin
    • opening a judiciary investigation regarding paternity
    • lack of full legal capacity by the person making the declaration

    Refusal to accept the statements necessary to establish paternity by the consul, allows only an acknowledgment of paternity before a court guardianship.

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