• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


    The issue of Polish Citizenship Restoration (PCR) is regulated by the Polish Citizenship Act of 12th April 2009 as well as the directive of Minister of Internal Affairs of 8.05.2012 regarding the PCR application form and the photography attached to the application.


    Persons, who lost their citizenship before 1st of January 1999, can apply for restoration of citizenship on the basis of:


    • Article 11th and 13th of Polish Citizenship Act of 20th of January 1920
    • Article 11th or 12th of Polish Citizenship Act of 8th of January 1951
    • Article 13th, 14th, or 15th of Polish Citizenship Act of 15th of February 1962

    In accordance with the Article 38th, paragraph 1 of the 2009 Act, the restoration of citizenship will not be granted to an alien, who:


    • voluntarily joined the army of a non-allied country between 1st of September 1939 and 8th of May 1945,
    • worked as a civil servant in a non-allied country administration between 1st of September 1939 and 8th of May 1945,
    • poses a threat to national security or public order,
    • acted against the interests of the Republic of Poland.



    Polish citizenship is restored upon the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

    An alien submits a PCR application to:


    • the Minister of Internal Affairs, if residing in Poland
    • the Polish consul, if residing abroad – Israeli applicants are handled by the Consular Section of Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv.


    The submitted documents are then verified and forwarded to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.




    A person who wishes to restore his citizenship has to present documents confirming the loss of Polish citizenship (a decision by the Governor of Province on rescindment of Polish Citizenship or a denied confirmation of Polish Citizenship)


    Other required documents:


    • An application addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs (SEE. FORMS TO PRINT. ATTACHMENT 3);
    • A valid photo ID (Israeli Passport);
    • A certificate of foreign citizenship (;(תעודת מידע על האזרחות הישראלית
    • A certificate of change of name, if applicable ((תעודת מידע על שינוי שם or a document which confirms the name was changed (;(תמצית רישום ממרשם אוכלוסין
    • Applicant’s photography.

    A biography (part F of the application) which should be brief and concise and limit itself to the most essential information, like date of birth, date of departure from Poland, date of obtaining foreign citizenship, date of entering marriage, the number of children etc.). Professional and educational experience is irrelevant.




    • The form has to be filled in in Polish, in a clear and orderly manner.
    • The form has to be signed by the applicant in the presence of Consul.
    • All the foreign documents have to be submitted with an apostille and a certified Polish translation. Hebrew to Polish translations can be prepared by the Consular Section. The documents are not returned to the applicant.

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