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  • Passports for minors under 13 years old are issued for 5 years.

    Passports for minors above 13 years old are issued for 10 years.


    Both parents have to be present when submitting the application for a passport on behalf of their child, unless one of the parents has been deprived, by the decision of a Polish court, of his/her parental authority or this authority has been limited. In case there is no consent between the parents or when it is not possible to obtain consent from one of them, a Polish family court's decision replaces that consent for issuing a passport.  Judgments of foreign courts that settle the above issues can only be considered when they have been recognized by relevant Polish courts. 


    In the event of the death of one of the parents, it is necessary to provide an original death certificate with apostille.


    An application submitted by one of the parents together with a written consent of the other parent with his/her signature that has been confirmed by a Notary Public or by a passport organ is considered as if it had been submitted by both parents. The child's parent who is submitting a passport application should show his/her valid Polish passport. 


    When parents submit a passport application for their child who is 5 years old or older, the child's presence is required.


    Required documents:


    1. Passport application form (the form shall be filled out in Polish in advance and submitted by the applicant during the appointment in the consulate). The form may be downloaded from the website of the embassy.
    2. A passport photo in colour of a passport applicant sized 35 x 45 mm, made in the last 6 months, on a uniform light background, with uniform lighting, good focus and depicting natural skin colour, showing the image from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, that the face would occupy 70-80% of the photograph, clearly showing the eyes, especially the pupils, with visible eyebrows, showing the person in a frontal position, maintaining the symmetry in the vertical line, without any headgear and dark-eyed glasses, looking straight ahead with open eyes uncovered by hair, with a natural expression of face and closed mouth.
    3. If a child does not have a PESEL numer, she or he must present original Polish birth certificate and consul will apply for a PESEL number. In order to receive the Polish birth certificate of a minor born in Israel or in a different country SEE. POLISH BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DEATH CERTIFICATES. REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN CERTIFICATES IN POLAND)
    4. Documents proving the eligibility for the reduction of the consular fee.
    5. Other documents, e.g.: document with the photo certifying the identity of the child and the parents.

    Additional information:


    • Please be aware that you may be requested to submit other documents such as: birth certificate, marriage certificate of the parents, or a document proving Polish citizenship.
    • While applying for a passport you will be asked to present the current Polish passport of a child. In case of loss of or damage to the passport, you need to submit an official statement along with the application for the passport.
    • A child above 12 years old will be requested to submit fingerprints.
    • While applying for a passport for a minor, parents should present their passports.
    • Please bear in mind that while registering online for the meeting in the Consular Section you should register only the minor. Parents accompanying should not be registered in the system.



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