• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • In order to file your passport application, please go to the website to register your appointment in advance.





    1. Registered applicants for passports are received on Mondays 12:30-15:00, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30-15:00 and Fridays 12:30-15:00. While registering you will be able to choose date and time of your visit. The number of registered applicants for each day is limited.


    Registration is opened every Tuesday at 8:00 AM.


    2. In case you cannot show up at the Consulate please do cancel your appointment so that other applicants can use your spot. You can do it either via the website, by sending an e-mail to or by sending a fax to the Consular Section at 03 527 4726.


    3. Please register in Polish. Multiple registrations of the same applicant will be annulled.


    4. Please register only if you have all the documents, i.e.: ascertainment of the Polish citizenship, Polish birth and marriage certificates, etc. If you miss them, please check the section: PASSPORT FOR AN ADULT. If parents register their child’s application they don’t need to register themselves, as they only accompany their child: PASSPORT FOR A MINOR.


    5. Please leave your PESEL number (if you have one) and telephone number for emergency contact. This will speed up the processing of your application.


    6. If you resign from the visit at the Consulate, you can only come again after another registration is made.


    Please arrive on time (10-15 minutes prior to your appointment) and bring confirmation of your registration along with all the required documents.


    Registering your appointment: step by step


    For sections 1-4 you can be directed in English after choosing language in the upper right corner. Further registration is carried out in Polish.


    1. Go to the website:,
    2. Choose a country: Israel,
    3. Choose a diplomatic mission: Tel Aviv,
    4. On the left side, choose: Visit – passport,
    5. In the first slot - choose the number of applicants (“I want to book an appointment for:” means "Chcę zarezerwować termin dla" - choose a number of people),
    6. Set a date for the appointment (“Zarezerwuj termin wizyty”),
    7. Write your contact details: first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail, description (not obligatory),
    8. Choose a type of passport,
    9. Write personal details of applicant/s. (PESEL obligatory of you have one, if you do not have the PESEL number please write "BRAK NUMERU PESEL"),
    10. Continue (Dalej),
    11. Submit (Zapisz),
    12. Download confirmation (Pobierz potwierdzenie wizyty).

    How to cancel your appointment


    1. Go to the following website:,
    2. Choose a country: Israel,
    3. Choose a diplomatic mission: Tel Aviv,
    4. On the left side, choose: "cancel appointment”,
    5. Fill in the cancelation form with the number from your registration form and the code received during making registration,
    6. Choose: "Odwołaj wizytę",
    7. Submit (“Zapisz”),
    8. Download confirmation („Pobierz potwierdzenie anulowania wizyty”).



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