• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • Passports must be collected personally. It is not possible to collect them via third persons.


    Opening hours for the collection of passports:


    Tuesdays 8:309:30

    Wednesdays 8:309:30

    Thursdays 8:309:30

    Fridays 8:0011:00


    People who wish to collect their Polish passport do not need to register on the Internet. 


    In order to collect your Polish passport ,please present:



    1. Confirmation of applying for passport received while applying,
    2. (Previous) Polish passport for cancellation,
    3. If it is your first Polish passport – document proving identity (Israeli or another foreign passport).

    Passports for minors can be collected by one of the parents. Children above 12 years old have to be present for the collection.


    It is possible to send passport by post only in special circumstances on a special written request of the applicant (serious illness or if the applicant lives in a place where due to security reasons the consul cannot reach it, f.e. Gaza Strip). 

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