• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • Consular fees are based on the current exchange rates of EUR to NIS. Attention: Fees are accepted only in cash in shekels at the cashier of the Consular Section, Embassy of Poland in Tel Aviv. No credit cards or checks are accepted.


    The consular fees are taken with the submission of documents.


    Please check the curent passport fees in the table of consular fees.


    Applicants entitled to 50 % reduction:


    •           pupils and students – a valid student card must be presented or an official declaration of attendance from school signed by a school official and with the stamp of the school, where the given person studies full-time (the requirement of providing document does not concern minor, i.e applicants below 18 years old),

    •           pensioners and veterans who present a proper and valid card or pension receipt.


    People entitled to passports free of charge:


    •           applicants at the age of 70 years old and more (considering the date of the submission),

    •           residents of social assistance houses.


    People entitled to reduced fees applying for a new passport before the expiry date of the previous one by one tenth of the consular charge for each year before the expiry date in consideration of:


    •           change of the name or other data written in the passport (after submitting administrative decision or marriage certificate),

    •           change of appearance,

    •           lack of room for further visas or stamps confirming border-crossing.


    Higher fee - 200% of the regular fees applies to:


    •           people who lost their passport or their passport was damaged and the owner of the passport takes the full responsibility for the loss or damage.

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