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  • 20 June 2018

    Over 200 entrepreneurs from Poland and Israel participated in the Polish-Israeli Business Forum. – Interest in the event went beyond our expectations. It shows how big the need for this kind of a meeting was – said Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz who is heading the delegation of Polish companies to Israel.

    June 19th in Tel Aviv was marked by Polish-Israeli economic cooperation. Poland’s Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry assumed honorary patronage over the said Forum. The organizers of the event were: Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Polish Development Bank BGK, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industry Development Agency, Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.


    - This is the biggest Polish-Israeli business event to date. It is important that entrepreneurs from both countries have met. We are interesting partners for each other. I am particularly happy about the fact that our companies also want to cooperate in the field of new technologies. I am convinced that the Forum will soon translate into tangible results, interesting business projects - said Minister Emilewicz in her opening remarks. 


    The Forum was organized in a fashion that allowed to allot as much time as possible for individual talks between Polish and Israeli companies, or networking. Moreover, each entrepreneur from Poland had an Israeli counterpart from the field they are working in. Polish delegation to Israel included representatives of the chemical industry, IT/ICT solutions, smart transportation, and producers of cosmetics, food.


    Three agreements were signed during the event: between Polish Airlines LOT and Israel’s EL AL (1), the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (2), as well as the Polish Development Bank BGK, the Industry Development Agency and Start-up Nation Central, CREATORS IDEAtion (3).


    The signed Letter of Intent is testament that the first Polish agreement with innovation leaders – Start-up Nation Central and CREATORS IDEAtion – is closer to its realization. As result of cooperation, startups will be provided with information on areas where innovations and existing technologies are particularly needed, as well as support for those young technological firms that are able to meet the demands. This will enable the creation of space for the transfer of knowledge and different ways of thinking about innovation and its significance for the economy. – The Polish Development Bank BGK is a crucial institution for the realization of the Strategy for Responsible Development that envisages, among other things, the boosting of innovation in the Polish economy. We are committed to initiating contacts between businesses and the public sector – said Wojciech Hann, Member of the BGK Board.


    Polish Airlines LOT and Israeli EL AL have signed a memorandum commencing cooperation in the fields of sales, operations, and training. The arrangement shall lead to a code-share agreement between the carriers and open up new avenues for mutually beneficial collaboration between Poland and Israel.


    - Israel and Poland are connected by a long and fine tradition of cooperation and partnership. I am very happy to be able to sign, on behalf of LOT, the memorandum with EL AL, one of the safest and most reliable airlines in the world. From now on, we will be working hand in hand to make the most of the synergies between our airlines. In this way, we will offer our clients even better services and substantially contribute to the advancement of relations between our countries – says Rafał Milczarski, CEO of LOT. – LOT and EL AL are similar in many aspects, e.g. the air fleet, routes or scale of performed operations. Since the beginning of the talks on the potential partnership, cooperation seemed natural to us and we haven’t had doubts that we should start the collaboration for the good of our clients – he adds.


    The agreement between the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce envisages close cooperation of said institutions in the areas of economic information exchange, research projects, organization of exhibits, fairs, and services for businesses from both countries.


    On the same day, Minister Emilewicz spoke with representatives of the Israeli Space Agency and aircraft manufacturer Israeli Aerospace Industries.


    - 5 years ago Poland had fewer than 30 entities that considered themselves as “space industry”. Today, there are more than 300 companies like this, most of them of small and medium size. Some 80 Polish parts and devices have been sent to space so far. One can say that Polish flag is symbolically present on all planets and astronomical objects in our system, including the landing on Saturn’s moon Titan in the framework of the Cassini-Huygens mission, or first landing on a comet as part of the Rosetta mission – the Minister said and indicated that there is potential for collaboration between the Polish and Israeli space industries.  


    The day before, on June 18th, Minister Emilewicz took part in the official opening of the Polish Trade Office in Tel Aviv. – We are hunting up every business opportunity for Polish companies and assist them in every stage of the projects they carry out in Israel – explains Zofia Nojszewska, manager of the Polish Trade Office. The office will also help select and bring technologically advanced investment projects from Israel to Poland.


    On the same day (June 18th), Ms. Emilewicz signed, on behalf of Poland, the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of innovation between Israel and the Visegrad Four countries, i.e. Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. The agreement envisages, as first joint enterprise, a pilot training project in Israel dedicated to startups from the V4 states. The initiative aims at verifying and broadening the market potential of young technological companies from Poland, Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia. The project consists in transferring practical knowledge and tools allowing for the setting up of an innovative company.


    Today (June 20th), Minister Emilewicz met with Israel’s Minister of Economy Eli Cohen and Members of the Knesset: Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the Polish-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group Yehiel „Hilik” Bar, as well as President of the Knesset’s Science and Technology Committee Uri Maklev.  


    - Deepening of economic relations and new areas of cooperation are the topics that we discussed. Main fields in which Poland and Israel can step up collaboration are innovation and new technologies, including cyber security. Israel’s economic prowess has been built upon new technologies. This country now has second most innovative economy in the world after the American one. We are convincing our entrepreneurs that it’s worth and profitable being innovative. We’re pointing at Israel as one of prime examples – said Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz.


    Since 2009 Poland has had a positive balance in trade with Israel. According to GUS, or Polish Statistics Office, the trade turnover between Poland and Israel reached $1017.7 million in 2017 (+10.5%). In 2016, this number stood at $918.4 million. Bilateral turnover of goods should cross €1 billion in 2018. For Poland that would be the highest volume of trade in the Middle East, alongside Saudi Arabia.


    In the afternoon, Minister Emilewicz met representatives of innovation accelerators in Jerusalem: MassChallenge, OurCrowd, and JNext.


    As communicated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

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